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It offered the students free membership, invited them to a networking event, sent encouraging notes during finals week, and hosted a family-friendly afternoon holiday party. As alumni's relationships with their alma maters go digital, institutions have started branding their own emoji keyboards.Emojis, GIFs, and stickers that come in keyboard packs are great for repping an institution on Facebook, Twitter, and via text messages.

The checklist may be useful to both new and experienced managers as they assess their programs and may also be helpful in staff and board training and orientation.

It is intended to be inclusive but not exhaustive, and not all items may apply to every institution.

In 2015, the Penn State San Diego alumni chapter created an "adoption" program to engage the hundreds of virtual students in its neighborhood and make them feel part of the Penn State family.

The chapter assessed its ongoing programming to see how it could include and assist San Diego-area distance learners.

They guide member institutions' relationships with vendors that provide alumni programs and services.

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