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I did my research, and I can't find anybody in PA that has done 125 of these operations in his lifetime. Read the rest of these stories and see why everybody who can get to Tampa---does. Well, my surgery was in the middle of October and for months now, I haven't been able to find the scar. For the first time, I realized that I needed to take responsibility for my own healthcare decisions and not blindly follow another’s recommendations. Physician (Internal Medicine) I'm writing this in August, 2016 and asked Jim to put this online immediately so others can benefit from my experience.

His insight and knowledge of this disease far exceeds that of all other doctors. Watch the mini-parathyroid operation that Dr Norman does--this is the operation you want. I read every detail on your website, and it seemed too good to believe. When I found out that my calcium was high I started learning about hyperparathyroidism and was amazed at what I learned.

These are great surgeons in their own right, but nobody can do what Dr Norman and his partners can. As an Emergency Physician I have shared with many my colleagues and told them my experience and have been able to educate lots of people about hyperparathyroidism and feel I know a lot about this now --when even as a physician, I was very ignorant at one time. When my husband and I arrived at the hospital in Tampa, there were patients there from all over the world who were anticipating their surgeries. Norman's reputation goes far beyond Florida - far beyond the United States. It was just as described on your remarkable website.

This week (January 2014) I saw him perform 15 parathyroid operations the day he operated on me. My ignorance left me suffering for years ignoring my slightly abnormal calcium and having lots of other explanations for my other symptoms... You all do great work..are helping so many people, I am very grateful and will continue to share my experience with my patients, when appropriate, and others... I know that "finding a doctor on the internet" seems like a "new fangled way" of handling things. The personal attention, clear communications, and caring treatment I received far exceeded my experiences with any other doctors.

But every letter here will tell you that nobody can do what Dr Norman and his amazing partners can do. Now more then 4 months out of surgery my blood pressure is normal again, and my lipid profile is normal again. I went to several of these sites to "check out" Dr. I must tell you that the parathyroid surgery was soooooooo very easy. I had surgery on a Thursday, had dinner in a very nice restaurant that night, toured Tampa on Friday and was back in my office seeing patients of my own on Monday morning! He referred me to a local surgeon as well as noted (when I asked) that he knew of your practice and spoke highly of it. I visited the local surgeon and his approach was as you described might occur, wait until he could identify which gland was diseased and be prepared for a much more invasive operation.

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