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Adulis became an north commercial center in the Si Culutre.

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Brandon was at the store with Dave, hoping to find some supplies for their first ever gig, and Brandon noticed Tana, who was wearing a bootleg Joy Division t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it and a pink trench coat.

“On our first date, he took me to an all-night record store, and quizzed me on different artists - everything from Bowie to the Smiths and Leonard Cohen.

I use to cry myself to sleep when he would go back to hargrave or vt on the him in years..really dont watch football but i hear he's a beast on the field.

When he removed the beard for The Killers' third album, (2008), he says, "I started keeping the shavings in a bag."And I still do it," he grins.

They all sent me tunes – songs you hear on the radio [now].

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