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mint in box 139.50 Irwin plastic windup 12.5" red & white STREAMLINED MOTOR BOAT, late 1940’s, mint in vg box. 195.00 Hard plastic Playart bat-op PLEASURE BOAT, 11" long, made in Hong Kong, probably 1970’s. 25.00 Hard plastic 1950’s windup 13.5" POLICE BOAT with lots of accessories, vg/ex 165.00 Hong Kong 10" hard plastic bat-op LIFEBOAT by Telsalda. has small hole on deck of bow and stern - centered.

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125.00 SSN25 tin plate windup 9" SUBMARINE in blue; paint wear; exc 150.00 lead slush mold.

glue stains on bow where name tag had been glued on.

missing the the gun emplacement piece that mounts in front.

missing the #34 stickers that were on the bow sides.

495.00 1942 cardboard SUPER FLAT TOP Aircraft Carrier with 6 Fighter Planes. Made by Paper Product Division of Electric Corporation of America.

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