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I think the people writing, directing, and producing Magnum PI put a lot of subversive innuendo in that program which rubbed off on Selleck in the minds of the viewer. His face is fuller, which I find more attractive than his younger years. Back in his Magnum days,his face was fine, true, but it was too lean,too thin, too... I suspect this may have been from dieting to stay thin. And I like the character Jesse Stone as well.[quote] remember a female friend of mine, with much better gaydar than I, watching Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg being interviewed on some daytime talk show when "Three Men and a Baby" was out (yes, I'm old.) She couldn't believe how "obvious" - without perhaps meaning to be - Selleck, and even Ted DANson (I have always wondered about him, too) were: obviously queeny - voice, intonation, gestures. I just watched a video of him getting his star on the HWOF and being interviewed with his mother, and he totally pinged there too. In private he is affectionate and comfortable with himself, and talks about what kind of men he likes (he self-identifies as bi, though he's had a lot more male lovers than female, and so far as I know he hasn't been with another woman since he married Jillie).

Magnum was obviously the boytoy of the unseen Robin Masters who was probably based on Gore Vidal or Truman Capote. Burt Reynolds and Kenny Rogers both look absolutely horrible with their faces redone. This was right before "3 Men..." came out...[quote]He's certainly in the closet, but he's not self-loathing. They tend to believe that if you aren't shouting from the mountaintops that you're gay, then you're self-loathing.[quote]In private he's quite matter-of-fact about liking men. He is still fond of Jillie but acknowledges that their marriage is quite strained, and they live apart most of the time.

If Selleck were an active bottom back then, there's a 99% chance he would not be alive today.[quote]He doesn't speak or act as masculine as he looks, but I doubt that he is a sexually active homosexual. Why is it so hard to believe a closet case would be careful not to get any stds? I still watched Magnum P I when a local station was showing it in syndication, but I haven't seen it in a long time. R71, That is kinda the vibe I get about him, that he is a family man type of guy. I kinda got the vibe probably men similiar to the ones he plays in film, you know, Jesse Stone type guys: mature, manly guys with a heart. My agent told me that I can be as gay as I want to be, and rumors can fly until doomsday, just don't confirm it to the press.

Probably a bisexual who chooses to remain loyal to his marriage vows. Sex isn't as big a deal with him today as it was fifteen years ago, but he still seeks out male companionship. Even before AIDS there was other shit to be worried about . R73: He likes mature men (as opposed to twinks), physically fit but not necessarily muscled. Mostly he doesn't like silly, flighty guys -- "they're exhausting." He likes men who are more low-key, and comfortable in their own skin, even if it's a little rumpled. R89, I'm originally from New England and I remember a rumor that in the 70s, Tom was the lover of a wealthy businessman who was older than Selleck. They preach that gay is good on the one hand, while denying actors prime roles because they are gay on the other. Women want their stars to be as straight as they are. I can't wait until I don't have to do that anymore. God, I would love to think that Selleck is a power-bottom.

He and his wife Jillie live apart, though he doesn't publicize this; she lives in California, and when he's not shooting Blue Bloods, he's usually at his "summer" home in Maine.[quote]If Selleck were an active bottom back then, there's a 99% chance he would not be alive today. It's not hard to imagine if someone had a modicum of self-care and control issues he would want to use a condom.[quote]He's a bottom. Saw him last night on Blue Bloods while I was surfing through the channels. The rumor was that his lover had a summer house in Maine and he and Tom spent a lot of time there together. I've been a fan of his since episode 1 of Magnum, PI in December of 1980 and I will always like him. So many people say that actors should "come out" at all costs. When a top name actor comes out they can expect to get only a couple of role types: TV sitcoms and playing the "gay best friend" to the bride in romantic comedy movies. They have their favorites that they fantasize to and they certainly would be mortified to replace the vision of you, as an idol, going down on her with the vision of you with a dick in your mouth. I would love to have him on his back with his hairy legs up in the air, while I'm drilling his ass missionary style with my thick nine inch cock.

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