how can i appear less intimidating - Battlefield 2 stats not updating

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Battlefield 2 stats not updating

It was supposed to show up in the release of today's Fall Creators Update, but some users are finding the feature missing, or at least a sporadic install.

In the One Drive tab under Settings, users are supposed to be able to click a check box labeled "Save space and download files as you use them" and then click OK: However, many users are reporting that the option is missing on the PCs: Indeed, when we tried to install the Fall Creators Update on four Neowin PCs, the option appeared on some, but not others.

There are many travel tips as well to help navigate the country.

I would appreciate you taking a moment to check it out and providing any feedback for continued improvement.

Update: A spokesman for Microsoft said that the File On-Demand feature of One Drive is having a staggered rollout.

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