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In the first edition of the Scofield Reference Bible, Scofield included a preface that listed eleven distinctive features of his work. for each important Biblical concept, starting from its first appearance in the Biblical story and continuing to each important link in succession until a final summary is reached”; 2) “Helps . Taken together, the dispensations exhibit “the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages, from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity” (from the Introduction).

Among those features were 1) “a chain of references . The Scofield Reference Bible is consistently Christological in its emphasis.

The 1917 edition is referred to as the Old Scofield Study Bible.

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Scofield intended his notes in the Scofield Reference Bible to be informative, not polemic or controversial. defined in simple, non-technical terms” (“Introduction to the First Edition,” 1909, p. The Scofield Reference Bible is also noted for its dispensational approach, its promotion of the gap theory, and its non-allegorical interpretation of prophecy.

He wanted to explain the text rather than provide commentary on it. covering such things as weights and measures, dates, explanations of names, and the like”; 3) “Analytical summaries of the whole teaching of Scripture on that subject, thus guarding the reader against hasty generalizations from a few passages or proof texts”; 4) Twenty-seven “great words of Scripture . Scofield defined a dispensation as “a period of time during which man is tested in respect of obedience to some specific revelation of the will of God” (note on Genesis ).

The evidence shows that the Bible is unique and that God is its author.

The evidence declares that “all Scripture is God breathed and profitable …” (2 Tim.

If we believe in such a God, it is also probable that He would, out of love and for His own purposes and designs, reveal Himself to men.

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