Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people

It's law-abiding adults who will begin using pot in greater numbers, and the associated lameness of watching their parents ripping a bong will, if anything, probably decrease teen use.

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These cronies for the anti-pot lobby try to compare the health risks of "smoked" cannabis with tobacco while conveniently omitting that smoking tea would carry nearly identical risks for bronchitis, emphysema, and cancer.

Unlike tobacco, cannabis can be cooked into oils and creams, which reduces its potential harm down to basically zero. The dependence rate for cannabis is extremely low, just 9 percent (which includes kids who, when faced with rehab and juvenile hall, choose rehab), while nearly a third of cigarette smokers become addicted.

I'm not going to give you that hippie garbage that pot is harmless, but it's not heroin.

It's a drug and like any drug there are risks with using it.

" And while alcohol is actually a poison that inebriates you by slowing your brain to a halt, the hundreds of active agents in cannabis, called .

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