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Although abundant in the coastal areas of Belize, salt was a scarce resource in the inner cities of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala in ancient times.To reach these inland areas, researchers believe that salt was imported from the Yucatan coast; the manner of transportation, however, was not clear.

Using a land-based archaeological technique of pedestrian survey, the team walked and snorkeled on flotation devices across the lagoon.

Most of the new sites found were covered in mangrove peat, which provided a matrix for the preservation of wood.

Each of theses methods has its own inherent problems associated to it as an accurate means of determination.

It is clear to see that apart from Piazzi Smyth (and possibly Proctor), the dates for the creation of the pyramid are all considerably earlier than modern Egyptologists claim.

Erosion patterns from the Sphinx enclosure suggest a far older date than subscribed by Egyptologists and there are several at Giza discoveries from before the 4th dynasty that clearly suggest the complex was in use before the pyramids are said to have built.

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