Charlie hunnam dating maggie siff

He said the role of ‘Patric’ concluded his "trilogy of mad men” which included Bosie and Pete Dunham.Following all these roles, Charlie would not work in film or TV again until 2008, almost 2 years.

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He then made his return to the United Kingdom in 2005 to take the lead role as ‘Pete Dunham’ in “Green Street Hooligans” where he took on the difficult task of delivering a Cockney accent, which earned many jeers from movie critics.

He portrayed the character of ‘Patric’, a member of The Fishes, a militant immigrants' rights group, in the 2006 release of “Children of Men”, starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore.

In October of 2002, Charlie appeared in the movie, “Abandon”, along side of Katie Holmes and Benjamin Bratt, playing the handsome and elusive Embry Larkin.

Shortly thereafter, he played the lead in United Artists’ adaptation of “Nicholas Nickleby”, released in December of 2002 and nominated for a Golden Globe.

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