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Most of you will be familiar with partition exchange load, but I’ll summarize it briefly to introduce you to the terminology I’ll be using here. Firstly, the LOAD table is filled with new data and then exchanged with a partition in the “live” application table (SALES).SALES has partitions for quarter 1 and quarter 2 (Q1 and Q2) and LOAD is exchanged with the empty Q2 partition.

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The data in LOAD is published to SALES “at the flick of a switch”.

Typically, the exchange step looks like this: Operationally, this approach is more complex than inserting data directly into SALES but it offers some advantages.

It covers how you can seed column usage to identify where there's a benefit in using extended statistics.

Note that some column usage information is always captured to help identify columns that can benefit from histograms.

It’s common to see it used in decision support systems and large operational data stores.

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