Cheap things to do and dating

Best of all, transport is cheap – a four-ride “BakıKart” costs 1 manat (£0.46).

This is the setting for your next Facebook profile photo.

Public transportation may not seem like an activity you want to experience on holiday, but Baku’s tidy metro and web of underground pedestrian passages (most with escalators) make it supremely easy to pack lots of sights into one day, even if they’re across town.

As a result, Baku is a terrifically budget-friendly city where even backpackers can afford to eat like royalty.

Reserve a table within the stone arched dining room of Şirvanşah, which is as much a museum as it is a restaurant.

But in January of this year the new “ASAN e-visa” system came online, allowing citizens of 81 countries, including the UK, Australia, and US, to quickly apply and receive the visa via email.

Travelling to Azerbaijan used to mean a convoluted and inconvenient visa process that turned off travellers and stifled tourism.

Prices for large rugs begin at 1000 AZN (£460), but haggling is encouraged, especially if you have your eyes on more than one.

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