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Abri Pataud, in the Dordogne valley of central France, is a cave with an important Upper Paleolithic sequence, with fourteen separate human occupations lasting beginning with the early Aurignacian through the early Solutrean.

Excellently excavated in the 1950s and 1960s by Hallam Movius, Abri Pataud's levels contain much evidence for Upper Paleolithic art work.

Probably the most famous Upper Paleolithic site in the world is Lascaux Cave, a rockshelter in the Dordogne Valley of France with fabulous cave paintings, painted between 15,000 and 17,000 years ago.

Altamira Cave is known as the Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art, because of its huge, numerous wall paintings.

The cave is located in northern Spain, near the village of Antillana del Mar in Cantabria More » The site of Arene Candide is a large cave located on the Ligurian coast of Italy near Savona.

The site includes eight hearths, and the intentional burial of an adolescent male with a large number of grave goods, nicknamed "Il Principe" (The Prince), dated to the Upper Paleolithic (Gravettian) period.

Bilancino is an Upper Paleolithic (Gravettian) open air site located in the Mugallo region of central Italy, which appears to have been occupied during the summer near a marsh or wetland some 25,000 years ago.

The Upper Paleolithic period in Europe (40,000-20,000 years ago) was a time of great change, with a blossoming of human capabilities and a huge increase in the number of sites and the size and complexity of those sites. Abri Castanet is a rockshelter located in the Vallon des Roches of the Dordogne region in France.

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