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In the future, I favor adding the components of “helping students to grow” and “strengthening the institution.” American undergraduate education in the liberal arts has been justifiably admired around the world.

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HG: Multiple-intelligence theory has never been embraced by the psychometric community but has had enormous influence in education in many parts of the world.

Most of my thinking has focused on educational uses—individualizing education and multiple ways of presenting concepts–and criticizing proposals that seem wrong-headed, for example, describing groups in terms of their “dominant intelligences,” or creating short-answer tests that purport to reveal the test-taker’s intellectual profile. HG: No, the theory is entirely empirical, based on a huge amount of data gleaned from several disciplines.

He received a Mac Arthur “Genius Grant,” and has received honorary degrees from 31 colleges.

He’s twice been selected by Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines as one of the world’s 100 most influential public intellectuals.

To create a quality MOOC is costly—and to include discussion facilitated by qualified instructors also requires resources. It is difficult to control enough variables to ascertain therapy’s effectiveness or even a modality’s effectiveness, let alone effectiveness for adolescent African-American girls with moderate depression, 40%ile verbal intelligence but 70%ile emotional intelligence from a 20%ile SES living in rural Alabama.

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