Dagrassi dating game

Meanwhile, Clare needs a non-boy related activity and applies for the school newspaper.

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When it moved to a different network started to loose interest.

Although I did enjoy watching Luke Bilyk's character (in recent years). Some of the story lines and the new characters are quite laughable, even through it is suppose a teen drama.

When classes resume at Degrassi, another dramatic, angst-fuelled semester ensues with your favourite characters, plus exciting new faces—which bring forbidden love triangles and thought-provoking revelations.

Clare sets her sights on new student Jake and their relationship goes through some unexpected twists and turns; K. and Jenna struggle to survive teenage parenthood; Drew is determined to save Bianca from gang life; meanwhile, Holly J faces her own mortality as she continues her fight back to health.

Meanwhile, Degrassi searches for the student caught in the girls’ locker room— will Connor be exposed?

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