reality dating show - Dating a hasselblad cf lens

Hasselblad’s CFV capture backs are specifically designed for the V System bodies, but the earlier models have all be equipped with CCD-type sensors, including the CFV 50.

However, the CFV 50c model has a 50 megapixels CMOS sensor similar to the device that’s also on offer from Phase One, Pentax, Leica Mamiya Leaf, as well as being used in Hasselblad’s own H5D-50c digital camera system.

Ironically, it’s Hasselblad that’s pursued a ‘closed loop’ policy with its H System, but most current Phase One and Mamiya Leaf backs can be fitted to the majority of 120/220 rollfilm SLRs (excluding some of the oldest models) via the appropriate adaptor plate and. what’s more, it’s styled to look exactly like one of its classic rollfilm magazines.

Incidentally, there’s now also a contemporary Hasselblad camera body – the H5X – which can be fitted with film magazines or, indeed, the capture backs from other manufacturers, but that’s another story. Hasselblad differentiates between its H System which is based on the original 6×4.5cm format H1 (launched back in 2002) and V System which encompasses all the 500, 2 series 6x6cm format cameras, dating back to the pioneering 500C from 1957.

The 2000 series cameras have focal plane shutters, but were never equipped with metering of any sort.

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