Dating after cancer

Each time she met someone new, Linda had to struggle with when and how to tell, and then how to behave in intimate situations.

In the beginning, she would blurt out her history almost immediately, frightening herself and her date.

She had no way to find help as a single woman looking for a relationship, wanting to know when and how to tell about her mastectomy and her disease.

Gradually she got to a point where she was able to wait till the third or fourth meeting and discuss it without upsetting herself or her companion.

And she learned to protect herself during the initial phase of a sexual encounter by wearing a silky cover-up, gradually working up to full exposure.

) Of course, there were plenty of the usual charmers one finds on a dating site: the ones who think "Wanna cum 2 mine?

" is what the ladies want to hear, the ones who send the same message out to 100 women and make it blindingly obvious and, of course, the ones with the penis profile pictures.

) That particular date didn't materialise, but we met up in a pub a week later and he turned out to be a keeper... Over the course of a few weeks, I went on a handful of dates and met some really nice guys, including the man who is now my boyfriend.

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