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Get back to your roots with this in-between service.

It’s not all over but it’s just enough to get you through. A French term meaning “shaded.” Usually with colors graduating from light to dark and vice versa.

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To receive any form of corrective color you must first book a consultation appointment.

These are complimentary but essential for ensuring that the right measures are taken to keep you hair at its healthiest.

A truly revolutionary product, Wella’s Color ID helps prevent the bleeding of balayage highlights and freehanded ombre. Do you want all the dimensions and do you want them now? You too can transcend space, time, and every damn dimension you please. Think of corrective color as a form of hair surgery.

Any good surgeon would recommend a consultation before proceeding and our hair gurus here are no different.

Bryan's ability to move onto the next girl may prove to be a fatal mistake when Blair exacts her revenge on Bryan, with the help of a voodoo doll.

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