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The German historicist William Pehle claimed that in 200 BC an ancient form of bowling was played in his home country.In Germany of that time a form of bowling was played during festivals, where stones were thrown at nine wooden sticks, which were called 'kegles'.The formation of the CTBF coincided with the inaugural Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships, held in Stirling, Scotland in 2002, which was enthusiastically attended by athletes and officials from 15 Commonwealth Nations.

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Canopic chests, and particularly canopic jars, represent some of the most beautiful artwork of the ancient Egyptians.

They were used to contain the internal organs of individuals removed during the process of mummification.

In 1930 the British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie and his team of archaeologists discovered all sorts of primitive bowling balls, bowling pins and other materials in the grave of an Egyptian boy from 3200 BC.

It appears that the ancient Egyptians played a primitive form of bowling and that bowling is more than 5200 years old.

Tenpin bowling then made its first appearance in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, held in Malaysia.

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