Dating for 4 montsh Vice sexy chat

I don't think I can deal with this long term, and you shut down... I have the opposite problem, I hang on trying to make things work long after I should have packed it in, or so it seems. LOL, that was so well put...........thanks for having the guts to say what so many others are afraid to say.

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After a certain time you are transition from dating when it seems not so hard to pull out of the arrangement, also fun-excitement -and -games honeymoon phase. You wake up one day and realise you are in a relationship.

It hasnt died off, you are seeing each other all the time or on a regular basis, you have become a "couple".

Face it your not going to "love" everything about someone.

But here is where you have to decide if those things are really that important or just part of the persons overall charm. You love someone because of their faults not dispite them. A couple of guys actually made it past the 4-month mark with me, and those were the ones that decided that if I was gonna push them away, they were just gonna push back harder to make me stay.

Again, same solution, take time out and really think about this person, do you want to be with them [ the best way to do this is imagine what it will be like without them around anymore] etc etc Doesn't mean you are "afraid to commit", just that you are not sure about commiting to this particular person at the moment I tend to feel as though I am drowning when I think of being in a commitment...

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