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Ms Lancer’s writing style is clear and concise and her book is full of insights into the workings of the codependent mind.

You will learn: The definitive book on codependency June 29, 2016, By Sal Amazing book. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to make their relationships stronger, deeper, more intimate, more fun, and last longer.

The best book on Codependency I have read, and I have read them all.

A nationally recognized author and codependency expert examines the roots of shame and its connection with codependent relationships.

Learn how to heal from their destructive hold by implementing eight steps that will empower the to healthier relationships.

Highly recommend it, August 3, 2014, By Ginni Schmidt Best book on Codependency I have read and trust me I have read them all. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from this debilitating behavior.

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