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RAPID, Derek Ager, Past President British Geologists' Asso. It pretends to tell us the whole truth, when it is only telling us a very small part of it.(p.xvi) Nowhere in the world is the record, or even part of it, complete. It may seem paradoxical, but to me the gaps probably cover most of earth history, not the dirt that happened to accumulate in the moments in between. Obviously sedimentation had to be very rapid to bury a tree in a standing position before it rotted and fell down. Standing trees are known at many levels and in many parts of the world. Shrimp, Fish eating Fish, Three Dimensional Fish, Polystrate Trees, Iridescent Shells, Spiders, Jellyfish, Ichthyosaurs Giving Birth, Dinosaur Heart, Dinosaur Blood Cells, Soft Tissue, Bird Tracks, Ubiquitous Ripple Marks "FRESH" DINOS, "Minerals, however, did not replace soft tissue in the bones excavated from the banks of Alaska's Colville River west of Prudhoe Bay. I wrote back and said, Well, what data would convince you? " Discover Magazine, 4/2006 ERASED, "Certain physical limits seem inescapable.

It was during the breaks that most events probably occurred. ..cannot escape the conclusion that sedimantation was at times very rapid indeed and that at other times there were long breaks in the sedimentation, though it looks uniform and continuous.(p.49)" The New Catastrophism, 1993, p.49 RAPID, Edwin D. 'They're as light as balsa wood and look as fresh as yesterday's dog bones,' says Canadian paleontologist Phil Currie... In approximately 50,000 years, water alone strips bases from the DNA and leads to the breakage of strands into pieces so small that no information can be retrieved from them. Even in ideal conditions-in the absence of water and oxygen and at low temperature-background radiation must finally erase all genetic information," Scientific American, 11/93, p.92 RAPID COAL, George R.

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Despite 35 years of technological refinement and better under-standing, the underlying assumptions have been strongly challenged... "Throughout the conference emphasis was placed on the fact that laboratories do not measure ages, they measure sample activities. To some thoughtful stratigraphers this amazing discovery presented a dilemma, for if the known stratified rocks have been accumulating throughout this vast span of time the average rate of deposition must have been extremely slow, yet there is very good evidence that individual beds accumulated rapidly.

It should be no surprise, then, that fully half of the dates are rejected. The connection between activity and age is made through a set of assumptions. Thus Schuchert...found that if a geologic column were built up by superposing the thickest known part of each of the geologic systems in North America, from Cambrian to the present, the composite record would be about 259,000 feet thick.

The wonder is, surely, that the remaining half come out to be accepted. Conference (145 International Scientists), Science, Vol. If we combine his results with the latest estimates of time based on radioactive minerals, we get the figures in Table 5, in which the last column indicates the estimated average rate of deposition.

There are gross discrepancies, the chronology is uneven and relative, and the accepted dates are actually selected dates." Anthropological Journal of Canada, Vol. Internal evidence in the strata, however, belies these estimates.

Middleton, Holyland, Loewenthal, Bruner, "Bottom line - Economic accumulations of oil and gas can be generated in thousands of years in sedimentary basins that have experienced hot fluid flow for similar durations." The Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia No.

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