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However, as with the ARVA Pro W and S1, the Pulse also allows you to select the transceiver you want to locate and to unmark a previously marked beacon.

The Pulse displays silhouettes () to represent multiple victims.

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By default, the Pulse guides you to the nearest transmitter.

After locating the victim you can press either button to tell the Pulse to ignore that victim. During testing, the Pulse's marking was excellent.

If you're heading in the wrong direction, only the Pulse and Ortovox S1 will point to the victim behind you (the Axis, Element, Neo, and Pro W will display a U-Turn icon).

On all other transceivers, The Pulse (and the Ortovox S1 and ARVA Pro W) uses an internal compass to help you locate the victim.

It's a shame, because in my informal testing the Pulse received a signal at 80 meters when in this mode.

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