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Cashier's Cheque 419 Scam: The scammer has Cashier's Cheques or money orders he/she needs cashed, and the target can keep a percentage of the cheque for cashing it and forwarding the proceeds net his commission to the scammer.Then the original cheque or money order sent to the target eventually bounces, and the target is out the money advanced to the scammer.Email fraud can take the form of a "con game" or scam.

A percentage of the proceeds is often offered to the charitable organization for their assistance.

The scammer needs monies for fees in order to get the monies freed up.

Real Estate 419 Scam: The scammer wants to buy real estate, but cannot free up his monies just now to do it, so he asks the target to advance him/her all or some of the funds for the purchase in return for partial ownership of the real estate or a large future fee to be paid to the target.

Recovery 419 Scam: The scammer claims he/she can recover monies lost by the target in a previous 419 operation, but fees must be paid in advance to accomplish this.

The Nigerian 419 scam is a common example of this - the "419" refers to the Nigerian Criminal Code that deals with fraud.

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