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“Every website had to make that decision for themselves because they knew they would be open to liability under this law; Craigslist now faces the same potential liability as any other website based on user-generated content.”Similar websites like Cityvibe, Night Shift, Touchbyvenus, Myscarlettbook, Providingsupport and Southern GFE have shut down completely in the past three weeks.

Meanwhile, Hung Angels removed its forums; Your shut down U.

S.-based ads; Erotic Review — the “Yelp of the sex trade” where men rate their experiences with sex workers, some of whom are trafficking victims — shut down ad boards in the U.

S.; Google, Paypal and Word Press removed commercial sex-related ad sites; Reddit announced users couldn’t use the site to “solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services”; and — a free furry personals website dedicated to “helping furs find other furries as friends or as mates” — notified members that they could no longer operate as a free service due to liability concerns.

“In many ways,” the Pounced statement noted, “this bill targets small sites like ours directly and favors organizations with the resources to invest in filtering technology, paid staff and legal support staff.”“FOSTA will affect smaller web platforms differently from their larger competitors,” predicts Elliot Harmon, an activist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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