yorkshire evening post dating - Dating someone with a baby mama

My husband only stayed with her for the child (so he says). So, after things did not work out between the two of them, they split and we eventually got back together.They stayed together during her pregnancy and a little over a year after that. Honestly, we hooked up a few times during both of our relationships with other people (always safe) but that was up until he told me about the other baby.

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This woman had not forgiven her husband for how he had handled the situation and for simply having to deal with all of this.

Rather than see that finally things could be resolved and that things would be much better, the frustration of the last few years had her prepared to take a position of payback (which she perceived as tough love).

Last year she was still keeping his son away from him.

She has not been in a stable relationship (I lost count) since the two of them broke up.

Late last year we found out she was a in and out of jail and just had so many issues going on. Rebound’s cousin called us the other night and filled us in on most of the above.

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