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With the near-infinite resources of royalty, and the determination of a woman possessed, she summoned the famed Daedalus, the very master designer who would create the Labyrinth.

After lengthy preparations, Daedalus, (perhaps the world’s first custom sex toy designer) presented the Queen with her special order: a hollow, wooden sculpture of a cow, covered in actual cow hide, complete with a hole in the back to accommodate a bull’s penis.

If that doesn’t satisfy you in the labyrinth of mythological monster porn, perhaps you can get off to the passages of Dante while you’re waiting for more.

For the sake of knowing where readers’ interests lie, let’s have a vote: Joey Tigris writes on social issues, politics, sexual health, and the art of storytelling.

Question: how exactly do you think a half-man and half-bull creature comes to exist?

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