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As much as I love November and December, I knew that flowers would be slim pickings during those months.

So for me, it came down to wanting to create a beautifully lush setting for the entire day, ideally in a field in the middle of nowhere (more on my venue search in an upcoming blog post! In addition to Christmas, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, you may also want to reconsider tying the knot on religious holidays, event weekends (depending on your location), major sporting events, Father's Day and other holidays of this nature, and September 11th.

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If you are faced with the same situation, how will you know right now if it's the best option, without the advantage of hindsight? I wish I could hold your hand and walk you through the process. My hope is that you can at least take a look and see if any of the following five points resonate with you.1. Recoup what you can, sell the rest, and save the services for later if possible. Most likely a panicky Google search in the middle of the night ... If you can discover the root of your concern, you'll have a much better answer to the question of whether or not to call off your engagement.

The only thing keeping you from ending the engagement is money. You know what's way more expensive than a cancelled wedding? You would have ended the relationship already if no one knew you were engaged. Here's what I can tell you: when I ended my engagement, a sense of relief washed over me.

For example, let's say that peonies are your absolute favorite flower and you can't imagine having a bouquet with anything else.

Depending on the time of year, it may be hard (if not impossible) for your florist to find them at a price that fits your budget.

— and the best way to deal with it is to add some cushion in your budget for items like throws or fans. I love every season for its unique beauty, but I knew that I didn't want to wear a wedding dress in mid-summer and that there was no way I could get my fiancé Jesse to wear a suit in 100 degree weather!

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