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My suspicions were aroused that it was the result of ancient human interference — a condition reminding me of deer limb bones from prehistoric Indian sites that had been chopped into small sections for boiling and extraction of collagen ("bone grease").It seemed that we might be dealing with an archaeological site and not just a palaeontological one.His son, archaeologist Glenn, also assisted us on a weekend away from work at the American Museum of Natural History — showing great enthusiasm by wading along the drainage ditch and combing ooze for fragments of bone and tusk ivory that had fallen into it.

A steel probe penetrating the peat had revealed several "targets" lying only 40-45 cm below surface; all these objects later proved to be mastodon bones and teeth/tusk.

Meter squares were adopted as units of excavation, and spits of varied thickness were removed from units and sieved until the top of the calcareous marl was reached.

This un-named, peat-filled pond has been cultivated since the early 20Mr.

Gonzales (See Figure A) had the presence of mind not to allow any ransacking of the skeleton, and he carefully collected all bone fragments that appeared upon the spoil piles.

My working hypothesis that fragmentation was a result of processing and cooking by Palaeo-Americans had to be dismissed.

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