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But ideally she’d take it upon herslef to talk to her privately and tell her that part of looking professional is wearing a bra to work (or at least a supportive camisole or tank top under her shirt), but if she’s not doing it, I don’t see any opening for you to suggest she do so.Ultimately, the people who should care about this and be addressing it aren’t.I have a coworker (different department) who I rarely see, but EVERY time I see her, she isn’t wearing a bra.

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Discretion is a must and if i see you in sainsburys you can have a smile and nothing else!

So whats on offer for you.....clean, medium built fella, fully shaven.

I should add, this is a very professional office in a large city.

We often host meetings for other nonprofits, high-level executives, The Chamber of Commerce, etc.

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