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I am using Min GW-5.1.4 and i run the Min GW-5.1.4. Please help me how to install Min GW in the windows. Regards Sham So, Microsoft own your computer, do they?

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You can potentially have installations such as: The above are the minimum requirements for a working C Language compiler using the Min GW GCC toolchain.

The support libraries (mpc, mpfr, and gmp) provide also "dev" packages, but those are only needed if you want to link your program against those libraries.

Bug SF about it; only they can fix it; we are powerless to resolve it.

While the gzip and tar commands are useful, it would be useful to state the directory name explicitly for those like me that choose to manually create the info-dir directories another way.

The canonically correct place to install Min GW is C:\Min GW, but you may move it anywhere else that you prefer, subject to the caveat that you must avoid path names with embedded spaces.

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