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Torquil had plans to move to New York City and on his suggestion, Shaw applied to Juilliard Music School and moved to New York with him. The two of them began dating and writing songs together.

After a three-year education at the institution, Shaw had acquired considerable classical training but did not enjoy his stay and knew his musical interests lay elsewhere. In the same year, Shaw released his studio album, Life on the Clock, which also featured Haines singing on some songs.

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She distributed in 1996 an early album titled Cut in Half and Also Double with a limited number of copies, that included songs written and recorded during her student years.

UK born James Shaw was a student at a Boston music school and was friends with Torquil Campbell, a vocalist who would later form Stars, and Chris Seligman, the future synthesizer player of Stars.

Their discography includes also one soundtrack album: Cosmopolis (2012); seven EPs: Mainstream EP (1998), Static Anonymity EP (2001), Live at Metropolis EP (2007), Plug In Plug Out (2009), Spotify Acoustic EP (2010), Spotify Covers EP (2010), i Tunes Session (2011); one live DVD: Live at Metropolis (2008); plus a string of singles.

Their first official studio album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? It was followed by Live It Out, released on October 4, 2005.

Shaw also moved to Montreal where Haines was still living.

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