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Lindros politely told my friends 13 year old kid brother to 'fark off'. As for 88 - I hope she doesn't get rough with him in bed and bump him up against the head board as he may need to be helped to the emergency room./life long Penguins fan Understand when i say this that i think Eric Lindros isn't worth a nickel dipped in horseshiat ... There is an old story floating around that back in the early 90's, Eric was at a bar in Ontario with some friends and ran into Elvis Stoyko. Anyway, forced to choose between a raging psychopath (Stevens) and a total douchebucket (Lindros) i am only moderately inclined to side with the latter. Haven't heard too many things about Stevens being a cheap player though, pretty well respected from what I have observed....

I cannot verify it's authenticity, but the story has been retold many times. Too bad he had such a soft head and idiot parents, he could have been one of the best.

Lindros was a great player, anyone who says that he wasn't is just flat out wrong or a hater, the numbers don't lie.

[…] Sources reveal exclusively to Perez that Hudson is once again seeing an ex-boyfriend of hers, a fella by the name of Eric Lindros.

Philadelphia Flyer General Manager Bob Clarke didn't do Eric Lindros any favors Tuesday. Or, perhaps just as likely, he could be headed nowhere as the NHL's trading deadline passes, stuck in limbo as an unsigned restricted free agent whose rights belong to the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Philadelphia Flyers must make a qualifying offer of $8.5 million--equal to this year's salary--to retain the rights to match another team's offer or receive compensation if he moves.

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