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Feeld bot helps with office flirting Feeld, the app formerly known as Thrinder, has released ‘Feeld for Slack’, a bot which can be used on the popular messaging service to allow employees to connect with crushes at work.

If a designated adminstrator at a company installs the bot, employees can direct message @Feeld with the name of their crush. In the same study, e Harmony also revealed that members who mention ‘reading’ as an interest get 19% more messages than those who don’t.

What do you think the biggest challenge is for the industry?

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Our industry is certainly one which doesn’t sit still for long!

In a space which has felt dominated by The Match Group for some time, it’s interesting to see slightly smaller players joining forces.

What do you see being the most exciting new developments in the industry? We know that people have different drives, based on their gender identity, attraction or other interests.

Now that technology allows dating to move beyond the singular user experience, I think there is great opportunity for match people using a different user experience and value proposition based on the tribe that they identify with.

Just 2,000 people out of 9,205 applicants were accepted in the founding batch (including yours truly! The average age of members is 28.5, with a ratio of men:women on the site.

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