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Short of actually going out and meeting someone somewhere or talking to someone on the bus (nobody likes that), you could always try something a bit different. Well, that's exactly what you can now do thanks to London based dating company Date in a Dash and Taxi App UK. If you really don't get on with someone, you're only stuck with them for six minutes (the red light in the taxi means that you can't jump out at some traffic lights) before someone else shows up. If you're interested, the first event will begin on Friday 16 February (in case you're really desperate after Valentine's Day) at Ju Ju, Chelsea Gardens, London.

Basically you get in a taxi and drive down one of the capital's most romantic roads (they've done their research, via a sample of 22,000 drivers) for six minutes whilst you get to know someone, then you stop and another person gets in. At 7pm the taxis will all move off and take the couples on a tour of roads including Albert Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, and The Embankment (which are apparently some of the most romantic roads London has to offer).

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Flat hunting in today’s London is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Just as my OKCupid inbox is full of strange men propositioning me in as crass a way as possible, so I received unsolicited messages on Spare Rom from men in their forties offering me the illustrious opportunity to live in their home – maybe even share a bed!

The problem is that everyone else is in the same boat as you, so the competition is ferocious.

And it'll still cost you on average a minimum of £600pcm to live in south east London, rising swiftly to a minimum of £800pcm anywhere else in zone 2.

It's not difficult to see why people might think both dating and house-hunting have lost the soul that was previously at the crux of both processes.

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