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And it's only natural that, coincident to this volatile transit, simmering sparks of unresolved global tensions could suddenly ignite into larger conflagrations.

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North Korea launched an ICBM the very next day, that was considered could potentially reach mainland America.

So began the 'fire and fury' of this current cycle.

The leading characters now are different to 1939 but the stakes are much higher. The correspondence that did find its target was sent days after, on August 2 1939. The October 1915 to June 1916 opposition occurred during the escalation of WWI, but was also coinciding with the Mexican Revolution of Pancho Villa and the Easter Uprising in Ireland.

If we compare this Mars cycle with the last time it transveresed a similar stellar trip and timing, via signs, degree areas and retro periods, it was the July period that led directly into war. It was the Einstein–Szilárd letter – urging Roosevelt to develop an Atomic Bomb. The oppositions of July to December 1973 brought the Yom Kippur War and subsequent western oil embargo from OPEC.

Each year the Sun moves through the 21st and 22nd degree of Gemini, either around or on the date of June 14.

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