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So I'm not denying that the intangible spark that we all call "chemistry" is an essential component to a budding relationship.

I am saying, however, that the way you meet someone can dictate the course of your entire initial conversation, your future interactions, and therefore, the rest of your life. Everyone has a dual purpose-(a) hang out with friends and (b) meet someone of the opposite sex.

But the fact that other means of meeting are more established doesn't make them inherently superior. (Not to take anything away from the casinos and brothels of our great nation.) Parties? But unless you're extremely attractive, bold, or smooth, picking someone up in a few hours at a party is not always the easiest thing to do. That's some convincing evidence against interoffice dating right there. We all know the importance of physical attraction in a relationship.

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More than 100,000 new people per week sign up with Internet dating sites. Formerly the leading customer consultant at American Singles and JDate.

Online dating is the top reason consumers log on to the Internet, behind travel and financial transactions, music sharing, and adult entertainment. EVAN MARC KATZ founded the world’s first Internet dating consulting service, E-Cyrano, in 2003. January 2002: eleven million people visited online dating websites.

Single thirtysomethings tend to be busier and more financially secure, which means that work is important, but so is love, which is why paying for the service is not an issue. For the same fifty dollars you might blow drinking at a local bar on a Saturday night while approaching absolutely no one, you could have six months of limitless emailing on American

Plus, people in their late thirties are feeling the pressure to get married and have children. A bit antiquated, perhaps, but removing the element of choice definitely makes dating a whole lot easier. Plus, the approach is easier (you don't have to have a suave pick-up line), the rejection is easier (the old drink-in-the-face thing just doesn't work over the computer), and the success rate is higher (because everyone on these sites is single, as opposed to many bar patrons who are just out to have fun with their friends).

The expansion of the middle-aged sector shouldn't come as much of a surprise either. Yeah, you definitely have a better chance of meeting "the one" if you're drunk. Fact: breaking up with a coworker will ruin any of the minimal enjoyment you may have previously had on the job. However, the main advantage of Internet dating is this: you're getting to know your future spouse/boyfriend/booty call before you meet him/her.

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