Intp dating tips

Compare this to extroverts, who favor a shorter brain pathway that is linked to working memory and immediate action, explains Marti Olsen Laney in her book, .

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Introverts crave connections with others, but sometimes we have trouble starting conversations. As an introvert, my brain is my greatest asset and the most effective tool in my arsenal.

Once you get us talking about a topic we care about, we may talk your ear off. I can focus alone for long periods of time, imagine many outcomes for any given scenario, and mull things over until I understand them deeply.

I can’t speak for all introverts, but I bet many introverts would agree they wish people wouldn’t say or imply things like this: We already know we’re quiet—we’ve been hearing this our whole lives.

Sometimes people replace the word “quiet” with “shy” but the effect is still the same.

But many people don’t realize that the offhand things they say to introverts can end up making them feel self-conscious.

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