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If you’re dating an Italian-Canadians woman, expect someone head-strong, opinionated, busy, smart and generally two steps ahead of you.If you’re dating an Italian-Canadian man, expect chivalry, loyalty, soft spots for family, and maybe a bit of a temper.Having recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend, he said he was curious about the dating app.

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Roberta Ribali, a Milan-based relationship psychiatrist, says that although more Italians from across the age spectrum are using online dating sites, the subject is still a taboo.

"It has become a very useful way for people with busy lives to make new acquaintances,” she tells The Local.

This is a generalization, obviously, and I’m open to other interpretations.6.

Life with an Italian-Canadian is busy, loud and sometimes overwhelming.

Your Italian-Canadian significant other will always be running an errand for someone, dropping something off at a Zio’s house, or having to attend events. What advice can we give to people dating an Italian-Canadian?

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