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67 of 1947)), or within the area of any of its neighboring cities, towns or villages for twenty years from the day of the assignment of the business.

(2) In cases where the Assignor Company agreed to a special provision to the effect that it will not carry out the same line of the business, the effectiveness of the special provision shall be limited to the period of thirty years from the day of the assignment of the business.

of the goods located in such store, provided, however, that this shall not apply to the cases where his/her counterparty acts with knowledge of his/her actual authority.

(Employees to Whom the Authority of a Certain Kind of Matter or A Specific Matter is Delegated) Article 14.

(1) Any employee to whom the authority of a certain kind of matter or a specific matter in connection with the business is delegated shall have the authority to do any and all non-judicial acts in connection with such matter.

(2) No limitation on the authority of representation of the employee provided in the preceding paragraph may be asserted against a third party without knowledge of such limitation.

(Employees of Stores for the Purpose of Selling Goods) Article 15.

Any employee of a store the purpose of which is the sale, etc.

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