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hl=en) and he later posted a video showing off the moment the two were kissing, looking as happy as ever together. A lot of fans were there taking photos and I knew it would get out, so I just rolled with it.

Cameron was really plugging this new romance, even posting on his Instagram story that he's finally found his queen. [Cameron Dallas Girlfriend IG Story](https://images-production.fastly.net/uploads/images/file/57687/cameron-dallas-gf-ig-story.png? fit=crop&h=889&w=500 "Cameron Dallas Girlfriend IG Story") And he responded back to fans in the comments of his pics, letting them know he's so happy they're happy for him. [Cameron Dallas Instagram Fan Comment](https://images-production.fastly.net/uploads/images/file/57689/cameron-dallas-ig-fan-comment.png? fit=crop&h=412&w=500 "Cameron Dallas Instagram Fan Comment") Now while this all appears to be the happiest time in Cameron's life, this sudden romance wasn't real, like we originally suspected. I thought it was cool β€” our first kiss was under the Duomo, it’s very romantic.

I realized how beautiful it would be and said alright, I’m down," Cameron explained. " So there we have it, the smooch everyone was freaking out over was just for a photo and no, Cameron is not dating Giorgia. Since this epic kiss though, he has since gone back to his usual, still single and looking for the one style on social media.

But he did say that he went on a date, so perhaps maybe this time, it's the real deal.

Cam spoke to [_#legend_]( about the inauthentic public display of affection and how it was all for a photo shoot. I thought it was really romantic β€” maybe a little staged, but a great photo.

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