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All are listenable, though there is a bit of a tendency – especially in the latter two commentaries – towards "luvvie" style remarks (I lost track of how many uses of the word "wonderful" there were).

I'm afraid that's one of the problems with putting multiple actors together without any production staff (or a moderator) to bring things back down to planet Earth.

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Season 4 This set maintains the high quality of the Network releases, and there is really very little extra to add to the reviews of earlier sets.

Picture quality is fine and is consistent across the episodes (in fact, the Season One box set – with its nasty cross-colour noise – is now looking rather the poor relation in regards to the picture quality).

The documentary includes the usual interesting anecdotes, as we listen to Simon Williams telling us how he got soaked to the skin due to a completely unplanned cloudburst during the filming for episode.

After dealing specifically with Season Five, the documentary moves on to a nice montage of closing comments where all the contributors sum up their feelings on the series they made 30 years ago.

) It is remarkable that, with just three exceptions (Pauline Collins, John Alderton and Hannah Gordon), he managed to bag all the surviving stars of the original series.

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