Li nanxing dating

I quizzed the youthful TV legend about his looks, his life and his years in showbiz.

I use hydrating gel that helps to hide my wrinkles. I don’t really like using a lot of products — I’d rather look rugged and masculine than soft and supple. I drank it three times every day when I was filming in Taiwan.

I eat a lot — like with durian, I must try from D24 all the way to Mao Shan Wang. When I feel lethargic and unfit, I remind myself to cut down on unhealthy food, and not eat oily stuff for all three meals.

Nan Xing spoke to us together with Constance Song, the only other artiste under his talent agency, LNX Global.

They recently signed on as ambassadors of beauty brand MU.

Nan Xing may share the same age as Singapore (50) but the dashing actor still looks as young as ever.

Could this be linked to his endorsement of MU products, or does he have other health or beauty secrets?

When I was younger, I would always act more mature. Also read:  When I was filming overseas, I was more impatient.

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