Linux dhcp client not updating dns

Properties to reach here): Understandably, this only updates to DNS server if requested by the client.What happens if we select the option to “Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records”? If you trigger a DHCP request from the client, you will notice that this doesn’t work.

linux dhcp client not updating dns-26

The great thing, is that it even works out-of-the-box on some operating systems.

Still, if it doesn't, here are 3 things to care about, so to enable this feature: Note that generally this is not considered a secure setting, and it could be hardened by using key-based authentication, which I won't cover here. I'm curious about the security aspect of this model.

This is the simplest and most reliable solution of the available options.

This method makes use of DHCP option 81 as defined in RFC4702, which is used to convey a client’s FQDN to a DHCP server as part of DHCP process.

In a traditional windows environment with AD, this process is taken care by client OS.

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