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Each state is principally subdivided into small incorporated municipalities known as towns, many of which are governed by town meetings. Census Bureau's nine regional divisions and the only multi-state region with clear, consistent boundaries.The only unincorporated areas in the region exist in the sparsely populated northern regions of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It maintains a strong sense of cultural identity, The Penobscot lived along the Penobscot River in Maine. Advanced Background can provide all kinds of contact info and more.

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The New England Colonies were settled primarily by farmers who became relatively self-sufficient.

Later, New England's economy began to focus on crafts and trade, aided by the Puritan work ethic, in contrast to the Southern colonies which focused on agricultural production while importing finished goods from England.

In 1620, Pilgrims from the Mayflower established Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, beginning the history of permanent European settlement in New England.

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