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After a session is assigned to its initial consumer group and is running, you can call a procedure to manually switch the session to a different consumer group.You would typically do this if the session is using excessive resources and must be moved to a consumer group that is more limited in its resource allocation.You can also grant the to users and to applications so that they can switch their sessions from one consumer group to another.

With the Resource Manager, you can: A resource consumer group (consumer group) is a collection of user sessions that are grouped together based on their processing needs.

When a session is created, it is automatically mapped to a consumer group based on mapping rules that you set up.

The subplan itself has directives that allocate resources to consumer groups and other subplans.

The resource allocation scheme then works like this: The resource plan (the currently active plan) divides resources among consumer groups and subplans.

A directive has several ways in which it can limit resource allocation for a consumer group.

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