Money scams on dating sites alison brie dating history

Amongst the most common scams, unauthorised use of the internet user’s image and privacy are the ones that have been most frequently reported.

Worse: instances of identity theft with men posing as women and vice versa.

The most widespread amongst dating scams, and with the heaviest consequences, are the false profiles of unscrupulous individuals who do not hesitate to trick their victims by playing on their sentiments.

To begin with, be aware that you should never offer any personal contact information on a dating site, such as your address or telephone number.

Actually, these thieves are “easy” to unmask since they are generally very reluctant to meet you in real life, so if this person is repeatedly unavailable for a first encounter, always coming up with stories of unexpected setbacks or other excuses: flee.

So, beware of those who declare their passion too hastily, especially if they then mention money problems.

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