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Well I know you guys are excited for the updates so here's Chapter Three! She turned around and smiled when she looked at me, her face lighting up. She had long stick straight blonde hair that framed her soft and petite face. I ran up to her and pulled her into a hug, she smelled like the outdoors, very appealing."Hey, date." She said teasingly, grinning up at me. D yelled, a moment later there was a blinding flash and Willow and I were in Paris.

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Once school starts I pinky promise that I will update a lot more often.

I know I have been the world's worst updater, summer has been so busy for me!

My eyes drifted to the alley beside the restaurant.

It was dark, I only saw the outline of two shapes pressed together. Walking a few steps closer I saw golden and white blonde hair tangled together, it was Willow and Jean-Pierre!

At last my prayers were answered in june.i met TJ.were looing for pls to go to the meritt fest with. We fell head over heels.are planning to marry in a year or 2.

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