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Check that what they’ve told you matches up with what you find when you search for their details. Always meet and stay in public If you do decide to go ahead with going on a first date make sure that you meet up in a place that is public.

It’s important that you don’t go anywhere private with them until you’ve got to know them better.

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A dating site in New Zealand which connects people who are looking to find a partner or just make new friends.

You can Register for free and search the site anonymously right now - New Zealand Dating is completely safe, secure and confidential.

If you feel uncomfortable about a person who you met online it’s best to stop communicating with them and move on to someone else.

If their behaviour is abusive or suspicious you should report their profile to the platform immediately and block them from contacting you further.

Make sure your dating profile doesn’t have any photos or information about your children.

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