Nfl player dating dallas cowboy cheerleader

Congratulations to Jennifer Kathryne (pictured above) for her selection to the 2017 Pro Bowl (2016 season).Reading about Jennifer’s accomplishment got me to thinking about all of the DCCs before her who were also honored to represent the squad in the NFL’s version of an All-Star game.

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Since most of them were surely Group Leaders as well as Show Group Members, we will look at several other categories, some trivial, some based on merit.

This info is based on data I’ve collected and is by no means completely foolproof.

It is so difficult to make the DCC team, but making it five times? So the following is a salute to each deserving lady.

DANIELLE MARIE From the rookie with the big, beautiful eyes to respected veteran, that’s how Danielle’s DCC career has blossomed.

Her star has risen so high that she was the cover girl of the 2015 Dallas Cowboys Star Mag Swimsuit Edition.

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